+++++++++ BLOODYGRAVE & DIE LUST! +++++++++++

Born from the ashes of the Berlin Gothpunkband
which broke up June 2009
Ben (BLOODYGRAVE) and Frasco (Die LUST!)
startet an Synthwave duo and their solo projects allied to:
using synthesizers and hardware gears.

The two essential different backgrounds give their sound a 80s wave appeal with a punk feature, very rythmic and also experimental.

Ben takes lyrics and main vocals, Frasco the rhythmic compositions and arrangements.

They trod the stages of major international events such as the Drop Dead Festival (twice) and the Gothic Pogo Party with a substantial total number of concerts facts, and have a vinyl LP assets and other publications such as various EPs and numerous appearances on compliations of the actual international Wave scene.

+++++++++ BEN BLOODYGRAVE +++++++++++
After his first musical steps in southern Germany, with punk bands like"Proud of Nothing" and "Anorexia" (where he tried the drums), he got more and more interested in synthetic music. Quickly he got a great fascination for Minimal Wave, with its simple song structures and components. First inspiration he found for example by the "Flexipop" - and "Shock Waves" compilations, that motivated him to start his own Minimal Wave music. In the summer of 2009 he began little experiments with old keyboards, guitar-effects and synthesizers. He never felt as a “singer" but since nobody else did the Lyrics, he started to write and record simple ones. The first 10 songs he offered via internet and gave them to friends on CD. This is known as the "Bloodygrave-Demo” (together with Tobi Cool) where Frascos influences were not yet present (rhythms, sphere and arrangements changed now). Ben was and still is influenced by many Bands, out of many different genres: Schleimkeim, Demented are Go, X-Mal Deutschland, Absolute Body Control, Screamers, Soft Cell, Hessen Ganz Gross... just to name a few.
+++++++++ FRASCO / DIE LUST! +++++++++++
(BIO in Italiano) Multi-instrumentalist.
To express his rhythmic nature, Frasco learned playing the drums at a young age.
He participated in various musical projects of the 90s underground scene in Florence, such as The Chill and Fashion and later with La Conoscenza delle Gru and Nuova Era.
His drumming style is inspired by prog-rock heroes such as Michael Giles and Andy McCulloch (King Crimson)
and Pierluigi Calderoni (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso).
By the time, he expanded his musical horizons by trying out different instruments, often without knowing how they are played correctly.
Meanwhile, he performed with all kinds of objects.
As a painter, his visual art is just as important as the acoustic and as a need of expression through both.
In particular he was influenced by the writings of Vassily Kandinsky, the Avangarde of Brian Eno, Faust, the soul of Robert Wyatt,
Expressionism by Egon Schiele and Tony Williams, and the Dada movement,

Robert Görl, innovative drummer and composer like him.The nature of this flux influence explains how through improvisation and urgency, sounds and visual aesthetics result in one polyform.
Worth mentioning is the 2006 total improvisation project "La Statua Sommersa" by Tommaso Assennato, Midori Dropout and Frasco.
The three jammed with monthly changing musicians, recording the sound and doing releases with no post-production.
To collect all the material they founded the DIY label: "La Statua Sommersa Produzioni",
which still is active, and now produces also material from other projects.
After Frasco spent some time in Rome, where he played in punk bands, he started his solo project "DIE LUST!" and after compiled the first record moved to Berlin in 2008.

This project is moving between Punk, New Wave, No Wave and experimentation.